Decal Application Instructions

Step 1. Make sure the surface the decal is going on is clean and completely dry by using a cleaning agent.

Step 2. Use a squeegee or credit card and rub over the top of the transfer tape to make sure the decal will transfer.

Step 3. Turn the decal over and remove the backing paper, making sure the the decal sticks to the transfer tape (the top side).

Step 4. Place the transfer tape and decal over the clean surface and go over it with a squeegee or credit card.

Step 5. Slowly pull the transfer tape off at a 180  degree angle and ensure the decal is staying on the surface and not the transfer tape. If the design trys to stay on the tape, place the tape back over the peeled section and go over it with a squeegee or sponge again. Repeat until the decal is completely on the cleaned surface. 

 Still having trouble? Email me, I would be glad to help